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Leading manufacturer in the world for wine piston pumps with microprocessor.

Food processing pumps

Pompes André Bodin manufactures pumps primarily for the food and wine producing industries.

the principle of flexible impellers


Food production pumps

The range of FLEXOPAL ® positive displacement pumps CI and MI series is based on the principle of flexible impellers. Manufactured to fulfil the needs of food processing these pumps have several advantages:

The innovation of the design of elastomer impellers makes this pump unique.

The following products can all be successfully pumped using the Bodin range of Flexopal positive displacement pumps:

The stainless steel pump is available in five different sizes with flow rated up to 40 m3/hour and heads to a maximum of 40 m.

le principe de l'impulseur souple


Piston pump
Piston pump

Wine and spirits pumps:

Two ranges of pumps are produced for this market:

These pumps are used for pumping, transfer between tanks, extraction, hoisting, filtration and bottling wine and spirits during the various stages of manufacture. The piston pumps in the VS series can be used for pumping destalked grapes.

These models are made of stainless steel or bronze.

FLEXOPAL ® pumps:

Close-coupled with one or two speeds or electronic variable speed drive. Flow rates up to 400 hectolitres per hour.

Piston pumps VS series:

Pumps with one or two speeds and, for certain models, microprocessor control with pumped volume indicator. Flow rates up to 400 hectolitres per hour. Single or twin pistons.