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BP 29
37150 Bléré

Sales departments

BODIN, vortex pumps, grinds and channel pumps
Tél. : 33(0)2-47-57-89-86
Fax : 33(0)2-47-23-52-01

MENGIN, comminutor, cutter and channel pumps
Tél. : 33(0)2-38-89-83-00
Fax : 33(0)2-38-89-83-09

Distribution and applications

The Bodin's group range of products is aimed at two principal markets - sanitation and food processing, and sold the following way.

In France:

Via a network of dealers/specialist distributors in small submersible waste water pumps for domestic use.

Via a specific network of wine pumps distributors for wine cellars.

Direct sell of sanitation pumps to local authorities or industrial clients and stainless steel pumps to food processing or similar sector.


The Bodin Group's main sales activity is through companies who import into their own market and then resell via established network of domestic distributors. These import companies specialise in the food processing or waste water industries which are the Bodin Group's principal areas of activity.



Water treatment companies and effluent treatment plants - both major water companies and independent WWTPs.

Industries such as dairies, abbatoirs and other water consuming industries. Farming or viticulture effluent treatment plants.

Food processing:

Wine and spirits producers:

The principal wine producing areas of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and Cognac, and also worldwide including South Africa, Chile and Portugal, etc.

Other industries:

Large sized French and international companies in the agribusiness sector, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, laboratories and hygiene products, as well as for small scale food production concerns such as dairies and honey, condiments, jam, ice cream, canneries, meat packing, etc...